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Everyday, every way mascara and eyeshadows.

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She's Got Beautiful Skin and Honest Eyes

There are many who believe the eyes are windows to the soul. In our humble opinion, if eyes are windows, they should have beautiful frames! That's one of the reasons we love creating our line of eye makeup. It's just so fun framing those beautiful peepers with face makeup products you can trust to be safe and gentle, while still looking amazing. We offer everything from beautiful eye shadow palettes and brow pencils, to gentle mascaras and primers, to glam liquid liners. We even help make it easier by offering our Easy Eye Makeup Kit with everything you need to make your eyes look gorgeous, or simply skip the eye makeup completely and apply our Honestly Bright Eyes Tinted Eye Cream for a well-rested look even after pulling an all-nighter.

Our cosmetics are gentle, safe, and effective. Pair our eye primer with our mascara to highlight your eyes. Add eyeliner and eyeshadow for a more intense look. Always wanted to master a sexy cat eye or a bold wing? Try our Cat Eye Kit that includes everything you need to make it happen. Combine the look with natural, full-looking brows using our blonde or brunette Eye Brow Pencil and you'll master that sex kitten look effortlessly. There's nothing better than eye makeup that accentuates your best assets, Honest-style.